Mike, Terri and Heather Reinert


Our Small Hope Chest is the smallest Chest we make.  This chest measures approximately 14"W x 15"H x 26"L.  This is a perfect size for those smaller apartments or bedrooms.  It's also a perfect size to store a blanket, magazines or books to keep them safe.

Standard Features on this chest include:

      -  Handcrafted from Solid Aromatic Cedar

      -  Brass Hardware to include:

      -  A piano hinge for the top for durability

      -  Locking side hinge for safety

      -  Side handes to make lifting easier

      -  A minimum 3 coats of finish to protect the wood and prevent staining

      -  A FREE inscription is included on the inside of any top.


The free inscription is your opportunity to customize your gift and make it very special from the heart.  The inside of Cedar Chests tops provide a wonderful space for that message just from you.   Then, everytime the chest is opened, that special person will be reminded of you and this time in their life.  Up to 25 words would be included for free.  Additional packages of up to 25 words can be purchased at $15 per package.

Name or Initial Option:  For those that may not want artwork on their Cedar Chest, one very popular option is to add a woodburned name or initials to the outside top of the Cedar Chest.  We would be happy to woodburn any name or initials to the top of your Cedar Chest for an additional charge of just $25.00. 




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